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EcoActiva Granule Media (EGM)

EGM product Picture EGM of the supported EPM on silica, that can replace expensive bio-ceramic media with (see Comparison Chart), offers:

  • Highly porous media with unimodal pore distribution
  • High adsorption of organics and heavy metals
  • Cost-effective media
  • High propagation rate of micro-organisms due to the presence of inorganic nutrients and far infra-red light
Major applications of EGM are:

  • Advanced treatments of wastewater and sewage
  • Replacement of the conventional bio-ceramic filter
  • Sewage treatment required for P removal, animal wastes treatment
  • Support media for EBR and EAF

Micrograph-1 of EGM Microgram-2 of EGM
Photo-micrograph of EGM (600X)
Photo-micrograph of EGM (2500X)

Comparison Chart with Other Filtration Media

Contents / Media EGM Bio-Ceramic Activated
Porosity High Medium High
Inverse Washing/ Resuscitation Cycle No No Yes
Nutrition Supply High High No
Adsorption of heavy Metals High No High
Deodorization / Removal Color High No High
Nitrogen Removal High No No
Economics High Low Low
Infra-red Rays High Low Low


Activa BioGreen

Activa is comprising of the igneous crystalline minerals formed naturally via a prehistoric volcanic eruption and subsequent prolonged hydrothermal transformation processes. Activa has the capability of emitting a life-invigorating FIR light for the application to the enhancement of fermentation of micro-organisms, water and wastewater treatments and agricultural productions.

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