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EcoActiva Granule Media (EGM) for Fish Farms and Aquariums

Spherical porous media with 0.25 -0.45" in diameter comprised of naturally occurring minerals are used for a noble concept of faster and healthier growth of fish. EGM emits a bio-energy of far infra-red (FIR) rays with the same wave length of water, promoting:

  • Pathogenic germs/bacteria suppressant
  • Reduction in algae ammonia buildup
  • Improvement of microclimate

FIR is the safest and most beneficial bio-energy source available in the universe.

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Activa BioGreen

Activa is comprising of the igneous crystalline minerals formed naturally via a prehistoric volcanic eruption and subsequent prolonged hydrothermal transformation processes. Activa has the capability of emitting a life-invigorating FIR light for the application to the enhancement of fermentation of micro-organisms, water and wastewater treatments and agricultural productions.

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